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Imagine tapping a source of wisdom that can advise you on critical decisions and assist you with your timing. You can! And you don't need to sit on a rock to do it.

Free Yourself

Free Yourself!

How would your life improve if at anytime, anyplace, you could communicate with wise advisors whose love for you was unconditional and whose resource was the Wisdom of the Universe?

You have had with you, all your life, personal spiritual guidance. These highly evolved souls are here to back you in mastering the lessons you chose for yourself while here on earth. These spiritual helpers are known by many names; guides, angels, the Comforter, Holy Spirit, archetypes, ascended masters, etc. They are one with all things.

Over 80% of the world’s population believe in Angels. Yet, most people never develop a personal relationship with their own team of angels. You are already receiving hundreds of hunches and impressions a day from your team of guides. But chances are, you might not be paying any attention to these impressions, or worse yet, not even realize your team of master souls want to help you and work with you.

On behalf of their own desire to grow and to better themselves, they are the Messengers of the Universe. Their purpose is to free their spiritual brothers and sisters from the bondage of ignorance.

By attending an Angels Meetup, you can begin to learn the many ways your angels communicate with you. Have you ever had a feeling to take action on something, but talked yourself out of it? Then, later regretted this decision because you realized that your first impression was accurate?

Angels Meetup facilitators will help you to learn how to pay attention to your inner hunches and impressions. You will begin finding yourself in the right place at the right time for miracles to occur in your life. You can find the perfect relationship, great career, financial success and more..all because you are learning to team up with your angels- your board of directors to help you in all your important decisions.

During the Angels Meetups, we de-mystify the mechanics of the universe through revolutionary tools and techniques that you can use to fully and clearly answer for yourself some age old questions:

    * Who am I?
    * Where have I come from?
    * Why am I here on earth?
    * What happens when I pass on?
    * How do I find the answers I need for my life?

We offer personal fulfillment, happiness, techniques that work, fun, hope, fulfilling relationships, personal loyalty; a means to a complete life.

"If you give a hungry man a fish, he will be hungry again tomorrow. If you teach him to fish, you free him." We are dedicated to providing you with the facts and tools you need to live a remarkable life. No one else can do it for you- but we can provide you with the tools to make accessing your angel’s wisdom simple and practical.

Learn more about what you can do to enrich your life. Contact an Angels Connection Meetup Facilitator. Click on the location nearest you- or for more information call 800 336 8008.